Drinking Horn Type 26L - Large Brass Rim/Etched Grape Vine and Brass Finial

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This is a large Type 26 Horn with a capacity of 500 - 600 ml. It is lighter in colour than our typical horns and would make a great centre piece! 

This horn comes with a hand forged Tripod stand.

Product Details

Our range of Drinking Horn with Brass Fittings has proven to be our biggest selling category in our entire range. This is the 4th horn we offer in this category and the etched detail of a grape vine on the brass rim has to be seen to be believed! This horn is ideal for the Wine Drinker and the wine flavour is enhanced by the deep mouth of the horn which tends to keep the aromas in more so than a standard wine glass. 

Drinking Horns were used in both the Viking period and into the Medieval Period as common vessels to drink from. We can source a wide variety of different sized drinking horns made from cow horn. The horn is sourced from domestic cattle.

The Horn is about 30 cm long and has a capacity of about 250 -350 milliltres.

The horns have been boiled and cleaned thoroughly, waterproofed and then polished. so you can drink out of them straight away although we recommend a quick rinse with warm water before you use them for the first time.

Each horn comes with a hand forged iron stand to allow it to be stood upright on a bench, table or on the ground. We can provide a wooden stand for this horn but the wooden stand is less stable than an iron one for a horn of this size. .

We also provide a leather belt holder which you can purchase separately.

Also cleaning your drinking horn with some form of natural oil occassionally will increase its life, Being a natural product the shape and colour will vary from item to item.

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