Late 14th Century - 15th Century Kettle Helmet with High Crown

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The Kettle Hat is one of the most recognisable helmets in the world as its use prevailed for longer than that of any other helmet in history. Its simple construction together with its general protective qualities made it universally popular. First seen in statues and manuscript illustrations from the end of the 12th century, its basic form has survived almost ot the modern day in the form of the famous British "tommy helmet' used by various armed forces well into the last century.

Throughout its period of use it came in many different forms and this particular form of the Kettle Hat was used from the late 14th century but was more common in the 15th century and its use may have persisted into the 16th century.

Partner with our Plate 21 - 15th Century Gorget with Falling Buff Bevor for great protection with a great look.  

Like all of our helmets from Lord of Battles the overall construction and craftsmanship is outstanding. This helmet has a 68 cm head circumference and is made from 1.6mm steel.

The generous size allows this helmet to fit anybody with a large head size wearing a thin arming cap underneath and for smaller head sizes a thicker arming cap can be worn. Arming caps are historically accurate and they make a helmet more comfortable and they help absorb the shock of an impact.

The helmet comes complete with a leather chinstrap and an adjustable leather liner.

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