Helmet 20 - 15th Century Celata Helmet

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Medieval celata battle helmet knight archer solider


1 in stock in 1.6mm mild steel, polished finish.

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The Celata is an early version of the Sallet style helmets of the later 15th century.

The Celata seems to have first appeared in Italy at the start of the 15th century. It was a variant of the bascinet, intended to be worn without a visor or maille aventail. To increase protection to the face and neck, that the abandonment of the visor and aventail would have exposed, the sides of the helmet were drawn forward at the bottom to cover the cheeks and chin and the rear was curved out into a flange to protect the neck.

It was commonly used by archers and light infantry who required high mobility with some degree of protection.

Like all the othe Lord of Battles helmets that we recommend the overall construction and craftsmanship of the sallet is outstanding.

It can be made with either a 64cm or 68cm forehead circumference.

It weighs 2.2 kg in 1.6mm steel.

A leather liner is provided and this can be adjusted so the helmet can comfortably fit most head shapes.

A padded arming cap should be worn with this helmet and for additional protection around the base of the neck and shoulders a maille standard (collar) can be worn over the arming cap.

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Out of Stock
Celata Style Helmet