Helmet 22 - 15th Century Italian Style Closed Helmet

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1 in stock - 1.6mm steel, 68 cm with polished finish.

This is a superb helmet and the best I have seen in this closed style. 

Product Details

This is a very well handcrafted reproduction of the earlier style of fully closed helmets that fist started to appear in the mid 15th centiry. It is in the Italian style with fine fluting on the crown that both provides additional strength to the helmet as well as deflection surfaces to on-coming blows. It also has a 'dog face' style visor that also provides a strong deflection surfaces as well as full neck and base of neck protection.

This makes it an ideal helmet for jousting although it is also great for foot combat or WMA where thrusting blows are allowed.

It can be made with either a 64cm or 68cm forehead circumference. It can be made in either 1.6mm steel or in 2mm steel.

A leather liner is provided and this can be adjusted so the helmet can comfortably fit most head shapes.

A padded arming cap should be worn with this helmet.

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Out of Stock