Aluminium Maille Hauberk

aluminium chainmail maille medieval hauberk

Lord of Battles provides aluminium maille to the international film industry where it is regarded as the most authentic looking alternative to iron maille in the world. Actors and stunt men do not need the protection offered by iron maille and neither do LARPers.

Aluminum maille is easier to make and therefore cheaper than its iron equivalent.

We can provide aluminium maille in two types - all flat aluminium links with round rivets or flat aluminium round riveted links alternating with solid aluminium links which is slightly cheaper.

Aluminium maille is light so allows you to move faster and with more freedom than iron maille. It also does not rust. However it is not as strong as iron maille so should not be used for anything other than good prop costume, LARP activites or choroegraphed fighting which involves no more than light contact.

Another downside is that its very hard not to make aluminium not look like aluminium. There are various complex and expensive chemical treatments that can blacken aluminium so it looks like our blackened iron maille. We also find that spray painting the garment black and then shaking it around in a sack after the paint has dried gives an almost steel oil finished look that we offer with our iron maille.

The large sized aluminium hauberk illustrated here has been treated with black spray paint.

Like with our irom maille items prices vary depending on garment size and construction method. The larger the garment the more expensive it is. We can provide sizes M, L, XL and XXL.

We can provide a range of similar maille garments:

Haubergeon - hem to mid thigh, sleeves to elbow - indicative price range: $450 - $765.
Haubergeon - hem to mid thigh, sleeves to wrist - indicative price range: $525 - $875.                                                  Hauberk - hem to knee, sleeves to wrist - indicative price range: $575 - $935.

Prices within each type of garment vary because of garment size and type of maille used.

Prices include GST.

Aluminium Chainmail Maille Medieval Vest Jacket Hauberk
Aluminium Maille Hauberk