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13th Century Knight Crusader armour gambeson


I don't keep these in stock but can order them from my supplier. If you want one please contact me and I will check availability with my supplier. Please allow up to 90 days delivery time if available.  

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Gambesons are padded under tunics. They have been used since antiquity and had a number of important functions including acting as a cushion to absorb the forces of a blow and to support the weight of overlying metal armour.

This style of gambeson is a generic pattern for the wider medieval period and is one of the most popular in our range.

This is a 'medium weight' gambeson with 3 layers of cotton batting sandwiched between an inner and outer later of cotton. This gambeson protects the entire body from the knees to the neck and the collar can be secured with simple ties ot buttons. This is an infantry gamebson in that it buckles up the sides and the armpits are open to allow for unrestricted arm movement. There is also a small middle split front and back to facilitate leg movement.

We have also found that this gambeson has other applications apart from historical re-enactment. For example we have several customers from Eastern Martial Arts groups who have brought this garment for protection while doing drills and light contact sparring with wooden bokken and other Eastern martial arts weapons.

Available in plain off-white or black.

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Out of Stock
11th - 13th Century Gambeson