14th Century - Early 15th Century Gambeson

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Late 14th century medieval knights armour gambeson battle


I don't heep these in stock as they are basically the same as the popular 14th Century Gambeson except that they have a scalloped hem. If you want one of these gambesons please contact me and I will check for availability. Allow for up to 90 days for delivery if it is available from my manufacturer.  

Product Details

This gambeson s a slightly later version than our best selling 14th century gambeson and it has dagged edges and fewer buttons. Otherwise it is exactly the same as the 14th Century one. 

It retains the great functionality and shoulder mobility of our standard 14th century gambeson..

Historically they were often covered externally by a brocade or coloured fabric.While we cannot do this for you, this is something that you can easily do yourself or through a seemtress.   

Price includes GST and tracked postage within New Zealand.

Out of Stock
Late 14th Early 15th Century Gambeson