14th Century "Churburg" Breastplate

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Our Lord of Battles 'Churburg' breatplate is a faithful copy of the famous mid-14th century breastplate found in the musuem at Churburg Castle in Italy. It represents the transition from the earlier coat-of-plates armour to the full polished steel "white' armour that appeared in the  the late 14th century as it combines elements of both.

Even though the breasplate looks like a solid steel one at first glance, armour smithing had not yet reached the stage where a breastplate could be forged from a single piece of steel. But large plate elements could be. So the breasplate was made from 7 - 9 places of metal shaped individually to fit the fronts and sides of the torso and then rivited to leather strips on the inside which held the plates together.

The plates overlapped on the outside so provide a solid metal surface with no gaps unlike the coat-of-plates armour that it evolved from.

The Churburg breastplate also had a whole lot of innovative features such as a 'stop rib' - a v-shaped strip of raised steel on the chest to deflect blows away from the neck and face, a functional lance rest and plain brass decoration.

The breast plate is 37 cm high at its highest point and 66cm wide. Because of the flexible nature of the multi-plate construction, this breastplate will fit most people.

It is secured across the back by sturdy leather straps. It is made from  1.6mm steel.

Available only in polished steel finish.

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Out of Stock