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"The starter kits are an awesome way to start re-enactment to get a broad idea on what you want and which time period you want to base your armour set on i went for the battle ready 14th century heavy infantry set and it had everything i needed to get me started have had it nearly 4 years and still holding up well."

If you are new to re-enactment then one of the greatest frustrations is assembling a complete set of armour that is historically accurate and appropriate for the type of medieval warrior that you wish to portray. Most people will buy items of armour on an ad-hoc basis and the end result is a mis-match of styles and period as well as incurring unnecessary expense.

At the Red Knight we have first hand experience of the frustration and needless wasted time and money that people face in getting started in the hobby or expanding into a new period of interest. So we have put together a range of "off the shelf" Starter Sets for a range of different medieval periods and warrior types that are historically accurate and cost effective.

Whether you are a newcomer or want to put together some basic outfits for new club members then these kits are for you.

We can put together an almost unlimted range of Starter Sets ranging from a simple outfit of padded body armour and steel helmet right through to a full harness for a knight or man-at-arms. The starter sets we have displayed in this section are only a small sample of what we can provide and we can also provide a "made to order" starter set if you want want a specific type of portrayal.

Buying Starter Sets saves you money as this helps cut down our shipping charges and we pass on those to you as our customer through our multi-product discount. 

"BATTLE READY" is our mark of quality assurance for these starter sets that carry it. If a starter set is labelled "Battle Ready" this means that we have used and tested it extensively in our own Order of the Boar foot combat and mounted combat actvities. "Battle Ready" is suitable for all forms of re-enactment combat except for Bohurt.

Red Knight is unique in New Zealand and indeed the rest of the world in being both innovative and in offering these combat proven "Battle Ready" Starter Sets. These sets are an example of what we can provide. If you want a specfic 'Battle Ready" set for yourself please contact us.

Starter Sets