Sword 5 - 15th Century Hand and a Half Sword

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For my video review of this sword see here: Review of Hand and a Half Sword

This sword was used from the late 14th century through to the mid 16th century. Using the Oakshott classication system in "Records of the Medieval Sword" the blade type is most similar to the  Type XVa, the cross guard Type 10 and and the pear shaped pommel Type T-5. 

The Type XVa blade type first appeared in the early 14th century in response to the rapid improvements in armour at that time and is a multi-purpose blade that lends itself well to cutting and trusting. It is also long and study enough for close in "half sword" techniques. 

I was so impressed with this sword that I purchased the review example for myself even though I don't really need a new sword!

The blade is made from EN45 Carbon Steel tempered to a Rockwell hardness 52 - 55. 

Suitable for most forms of medieval battle re-enactment and HEMA.

The grip is wood wrapped in high grade leather for a secure grip. it comes with a matching scabbard, made of wood and wrapped in leather to match the grip. The scabbard comes with a plain leather belt and brass buckle which can be enhanced by adding some decorations from our range of brass belt fittings

As this sword is hand forged and not mass produded, its finish and its overall measurements can vary slightly.

  • Overall Length : 117 cm
  • Blade Length : 89 cm
  • Handle Length : 26 cm
  • Approx Sword Weight : 1.7 Kg

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