Warhammer 1 - 14th - 15th Century War Hammer


Product Details

The "warhammer" was a particularly nasty weapon that first appeared in the 14th century and remained in use throughout the rest of the medieval period. As plate armour became more prevelent, weapons had to be developed to defeat it. The warhammer was one answer. It had a sharp beak on one end which could be used to break through the joints in plate armour or even pierce the plate itself. It could also defeat maille armour. The hammer at the other end provided concussive impact through the armour causing severe brusing and breaking bones.

Our "Lord of Battles" warhammer is not suited for any form of combat re-enactment. It is a deadly weapon for the collector or for demonstrating the destructive power of medieval weapons on inanimate objects such as water melons at displays and suchlike. 

Because of the lethaity of this weapon, we will not sell it to just anybody. Please inquire first if you are interested in purchasing it. 

It is made from EN45 high carbon steel and is based on surviving examples from the mid late 15th and early 16th centuries..

Product Specifications:

Overall Length : 38"
Handle Length : 24"
Approx Weight : 820 gm

Price includes GST and tracked parcel post within New Zealand.