All the items we can obtain for you are manufactured in standard sizes. We cannot provide tailor made items for the individual but there are a wide range of standard sizes available for most items so we are confident that we can find a size that will suit match most people and provide a comfortable fit, particularly in our main products - padded items, maille items and helmets.

Gambesons and Maille garments come in S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL sizes, These approximately correpsond to NZ sizes. 

Email for Gambeson sizing charts

Helmets come in 2 sizes - 64cm Cirumference for small heads and 68 cm for medium and large heads. When selecting a size please take into account padding.

Plate body armour comes in 3 sizes - M, L and XL.

Other items of Plate armour come in a standard 'one size fits all' which will fit about 80% of people.

We cannot tailor make helmets or plate items for the individual as this is not the market we can work in. In order of make a non-standard item we need to order a minimum quantity of 8 .  

If you would like further help in deciding what size would fit you best, please contact