Our last day for sending out orders for 2023 is Wednesday 20 December, and we will resume sending out orders on Monday 8 Jan 2024 as.we are on holiday over this period so no orders can be sent - even "urgent" ones.

Anything ordered after 8am Tuesday 19 December will be sent on January 8 2024.

The last day for Christmas orders is Wednesday 13th December with these being sent before/on Monday 18th December  which should have them arrive before Christmas barring any Courier related delays. This is a hard cutoff, so again no urgent or rushed orders.

We are also expecting a container of new stock around the New Year period and will be updating our website as soon as these are available to order.



The Red Knight provides our customers with some of the best traditional handcrafted products and functional reproductions of historical arms and armour in the world. We serve the historical reenactment community, the LARP community, Film and Theatre companies, collectors and anybody else who wants something cool and unique.

We are a family-owned business near Upper Hutt, New Zealand. 

Our love of history and Historical Reenactment has seen us involved in the New Zealand Historical Re-enactment scene since its formation in the late 1970s. We also run the Order of the Boar jousting group which has competed in historical events all around the world as well as organising many events around New Zealand including the world famous Harcourt Park International Jousting Tournaments.

Our quest to obtain functional and historically accurate medieval arms, armour and other equipment for ourselves, our members and our friends in the reenactment community lead us to forming The Red Knight in 2013 although we have been using and evaluating Lord of Battles equipment since 2005. 

We deal exclusively with Lord of Battles, their Spanish subsidiary Medieworld as well as two related companies - House of Warfare and Mythrojan because we firmly believe that their products are the best in the world and because of this, we use them ourselves as well. 

Lord of Battles is an Indian Manufacturer which has been manufacturing medieval items for Cinema, LARP, HEMA, and reenactment for the last 15-years and they are the premiere Indian manufacturer in this industry. Among their customers are famous Hollywood blockbusters like Assassin’s Creed (especially the Lord of Battles’ well-known titanium "chainmail" armour) and Outlaw King (helmets, shoes, plate armour, chainmail, and again, the titanium "chainmail" can also be seen on all leading characters), several TV shows like The Bastard Executioner, Merlin and Runestone. 

In our individual Product pages there are 3 categories in the right hand ordering tab:

Add to Cart - Means that the item is in stock and can be purchased.

Enquire - Means that the item is not in Stock but new stock is on the way with an expected arrival time of 6 weeks

Out of Stock - Means that the item is out of stock and unlikely to be back in stock for at least 2 to 3 months.