About Us

** We have added some new ranges - Check out our new range of Belt Parts and our new range of Brooches and Cloak Pins **

At the Red Knight we provide our customers with some of the best "off the shelf" functional reproductions of historical  arms and armour in the world as well as a wide range historically inspired handcrafted items.

We are a New Zealand based on-line retailer and we ship World-Wide. We are a small family owned business which has been involved in the New Zealand Historical Re-enactment scene since its formation in the late 1970s.

As active practitioners in the Martial Arts (both Eastern and Western) as well as Medieval Jousting on horseback, we know what works and what doesn't. What gets you hurt and what keeps you safe. All the products here have been used or evaluated by us and our guarantee to you is that we won't place any item on this website that we don't personally use ourselves, or aren't prepared to use ourselves.

We started evaluating and ordering fully functional armour including Padded Armour, Plate Armour, Helmets and Maille from Lord of Battles on behalf of our own circle of jousters and foot fighters in 2005 and the word started to get around the wider New Zealand re-enactment community so we started ordering items for them too. In 2013 we formally established the Red Knight as an on-line business. We also list some of our more popular items on Trade Me and on FaceBook - basically to help us connect with a wider range of customers.

We are the sole distributor for Lord of Battles in New Zealand as we believe that they provide the best commerically available handcrafted historical reproductions in the world. Lord of Battles is an Indian based manufacturer that subscribes to fair pay and equal employment rights for women. Their employees are talented craftsmen and craftswomen who have devoted thier lives to keeping the ancient and traditional crafts alive.  

Our product range includes Ancient, Dark Ages, Medieval, and Renaissance Padded, Maille and Solid Steel Armours as well as Helmets - all suitable for most forms of modern "battle re-enactment" and martial arts. In 2019 we expanded this range to incude functional, rebated Swords and other Weapons

We also stock and sell other hand crafted items from Lord of Battles that use 100% percent recycled natural products. In particular our range of Drinking Horns and Tankards has proven to be our best selling range in terms of quantity and these have great appeal to a wider range of customers. We also sell other hand crafted items such as small Journals made from re-cycled paper, Walking Sticks and a wide range of other small items. 

Our customers include a wide range of people - Historical Reenactors, Hospitality Businesses, Theater Groups, Film Makers, Collectors, LARPers, Role Players, Hunters and basically anybody who wants a cool and unique item for their own use or to use as a gift. Lord of Battles also provides armour, weapons and other items to the Film, TV and Theatre industries. Their products have appeared in many productions including Game of Thrones, Merlin and through us to the POP UP GLOBE in Auckland, New Zealand.

We are the sole distributor of Lord of Battles products in New Zealand and while they cannot do a "one-off" commission for anybody, many of their products have been initiated by us at the request of my customers in New Zealand.     

We only list a small range of what we can provide so If there is something you want that is not listed on this site then please contact us as we may be able to help you or point you in the right direction.

Callum Forbes

(www.jousting.co.nz and www.hapkido.co.nz)