Maille Armour

Maille armour - or "Chainmail" as it is more commonly known is a protective garment woven of linked iron rings, each riveted together so it forms a tough but flexible mesh of iron.

It has been used since antiquity right into modern times by most cultures but it is with the European medieval period that is is more widely known. Medieval armours were so skilled that they could make garments of maille that provided protection for the entire body yet still allow the wearer to move with ease and comfort.

Maille was typically worn over padded garments and the combination of both provided effective protection against most weapons for many centuries.

Because we want to keep our maille authentic and cost-effective, we favour the "Flat Ring Wedge Rivet alternating Flat Solid Ring"  or "Flat Ring Round Rivet alternating Flat Solid Ring" types of Maille which are not only the authentic types of European maille from Ancient to late Medeival times but also one of the strongest. It is also less labour intensive for our manufacturer to make so it is cheaper than the other authentic option which we can also offer which is all Flat Ring Wedge or Round Riveted".

Our iron maille is also made from 17 gauge/9mm internal diameter flat iron rings. But if you want finer maille we can obtain this for you as well. Maille can be finished in a Natural Polished Finish or Blackened Finish. Both are authentic. Alternatively if you aren't too worried about an authentic look then you can have them Zinc Plated for rust-proofing.

All of our prices quoted below are for our Flat Ring Wedge Riveted alternating Flat Solid Ring and Flat Ring Round Riveted alternating Flat Solid Ring maille 9mm/17 g. Please send us an enquiry if you want prices for altrenative types of maille.

While Mild Steel maille is the most authentic (as this was the only metal available for making maille in the medieval period), we can also get maille made for you in either Aluminium or Titanium. These are only available in the "Flat Ring Round Riveted Style" but are more practical then standard mild steel for some uses.

For example maille garments made from Aluminum  are great for theatre groups, film makers and LARPers as they are much lighter than mild steel and about 60% - 70% of the cost of the equivalent in mild steel. However, they are not as robust so cannot withstand metal weapons style combat and do require careful treatment to get rid of the obvious aluminium look.

Titanium maille on the other hand is 60% the weight of mild steel maille, is much stronger and rust proof so it is ideal for full contact applications such as 'Battle of the Nations" style combat or jousting. However, titanium maille is expensive and a titanium garment costs 2 to 2.5 times the cost of it's equivalent in mild steel. That said, if treated well it will never require maintenance and will basically last you for your life time.

You can order steel, aluminium or titanium rings and rivets in loose 1 kg packets along with a Riveting Tool if you have the time and want to assemble the maille garments yourself or to allow you to tailor the standard garments for youself and to make repairs to your maille as it will take some battle damage over time (other than titanium that is!). We can also provide loose Brass rings which you can use to decorate the edges of your garments.