Drinking Horns

Nothing Tastes Better than Drinking from a Horn!

Our Drinking Horns are the most popular items that we sell. We now sell over 50 different types of drinking horns and more types and designs are added regularly. We work closely with our supplier and give them feedback on product improvement and on new designs.

We have sold thousands of these products of in this category to New Zealand and Overseas customers since 2013. Since that time we have become the one of the world's top providers of drinking horns. Our customers love these products and many become repeat customers and/or refer their friends.

Drinking Horn Video HERE

Not only are the drinking horns popular with our historical re-enactment customers but they are also popular with hospitality businesses, beer drinkers, film and theatre companies and the general public.

Using traditional methods of manufacture Lord of Battles has revived the age old craft of turning waste products from humanely slaughtered domestic cattle into useful everyday items like drinking horns. Each individual horn as its own unique natural glaze and patterning which are enhanced by the craftsmen making these products so each drinking horn is unique.

Each horn comes with either a wooden or metal stand so it can be placed upright on a flat surface. We can also provide leather belt holders in a variety of sizes for most of the horns. 

All of the horns listed here have had their interior coated to make them 100% safe to use. All are suitable for cold liquids and most for warm/hot liquids but not for very hot/boiling liquids. On arrival in New Zealand they are inspected by the Ministry of Primary Industries.

The horns come in different sizes and being natural products there is a wide range of shapes, colouration and liquid capacity within each size range. The photos accompanying each product listing are indicative of the horns or tankards of that type. 

As a general rule:

  1. Small Horns are about 250mm long and have an approximate capacity of about 200 ml -250 ml
  2. Medium Horns are about 300mm long and have an approximate capacity of about 250 - 350 ml (e.g. a can if beer)
  3. Large Horns are about 350mm long and have an approximate capacity of about 400 ml - 750 ml
  4. Extra Large Horns are about 400 mm - 450 mm long and have an approximate capacity of about 750ml - 1250 ml.
  5. Super Size Horns have a capacity range of anywhere from 1.5 litres to 2.5 litres 
  6. All decorated horns are medium sized unless specified otherwise

We recommend washing your drinking horn or tankard with hot soapy water when you receive it. The horn may smell slightly pungent and the interior may have loose small flakes. The smell is natural and does not sour the drink. It will vanish over time but if you want to remove it faster you can wash the horn more. The flaking is excess varnish which is harmless if injested.

I have several horn drinking vessels of my own that I purchased from Lord of Battles over 10 years ago which are still as good as the day I purchased them.

We also personally inspect every horn before we send it to a customer. Sometimes we might miss a small defect. In that rare situation we offer a replacement at no extra charge. 

Note that we cannot provide custom made or personalised drinking horns