The Ancient and Roman World

Lord of Battles also makes a range of products from Ancient Greece and Rome.

Other than the Pompeii style gladius and a few small bits and peices, we do not stock these items.

This is because there is very little demand in New Zealand for us to stock these products. However, we do get the odd inquiry from time to time about these products. So we have put a few of them on the slider below to show you the quality of these products and the range of products that are available.

We can order them for you but please allow up to 3 months delivery time if our manufacturer has them available.

If they are available we will give you an inidicative price. If you are happy to order, then we require a 50% non-refundable deposit before the items are shipped from our supplier. 

Please message us if you have any inquiries about these products. 


Pompeii Gladius Roman Shield Roman Camp Oven Roman Wax Tablet and Stylus Roman Bone Spoon Roman / Greek Functional Sling Roman Hexagonal Shield Boss Roman Lorica Hamata Roman Brass Spoon Roman Soldier's Belt Roman Brass Shield Boss Greek Corinthian Helmet Greek Linothorax Cuirass