Our last day for sending out orders for 2023 is Wednesday 20 December, and we will resume sending out orders on Monday 8 Jan 2024 as.we are on holiday over this period so no orders can be sent - even "urgent" ones.

Anything ordered after 8am Tuesday 19 December will be sent on January 8 2024.

The last day for Christmas orders is Wednesday 13th December with these being sent before/on Monday 18th December  which should have them arrive before Christmas barring any Courier related delays. This is a hard cutoff, so again no urgent or rushed orders.

We are also expecting a container of new stock around the New Year period and will be updating our website as soon as these are available to order.



The Red Knight provides our customers with some of the best traditional handcrafted products and functional reproductions of historical arms and armour in the world. We serve the historical reenactment community, the LARP community, Film and Theatre companies, collectors and anybody else who wants something cool and unique.


The sections are broken into product categories.

We try to maintain a permanent stock level of our more popular items. If an item is in stock you will be able to purchase it straight away from the website's cart. Otherwise please send us an inquiry about any product that we list here but don't have in stock. All of the items here are handcrafted but we can usually get any particular product delivered to you within 1 to 3 months if they are available from our suppliers.

We only stock a small range of which products are available. Through our exclusive New Zealand distributor relationships with Lord of Battles and Medieworld, we have access to 1000's of products. Check out their websites hyperlinks to see what is available!

All of our prices are in New Zealand Dollars and are GST inclusive. Within our most of our prices we also include delivery anywhere in New Zealand but there may be some instances of where we will have to charge a bit extra for delivery and we will advise you of this.

It takes us 3 working days to process an order and to have it ready for our courier to pick up so allow 5 working days from payment to collection by our courier. We cannot guarantee courier delivery times after collection.  

Direct Purchase

We don't have a retail shop as our business is mostly online. We sell direct to the public at events such as the Viking Festival Norsewood and we are looking to do a few more of these types of events. We can also offer local (Wellington Region) customers the option to come to Upper Hutt and buy what they want direct.

For local customers the best time to call in is on Saturdays from 10 am to 12 pm at our martial arts school in the Upper Hutt CBD.

Please advise us beforehand of the specific products that you are interested in so we can make sure we have them available for you as we will need to collect the products from our warehouse.