The sections are broken into product categories.

Please Click on the photo or name of the category you are interested in to be taken to it.

We can obtain almost anything so if there is a product that you are after that we don't list here please contact us and we will see if we can help you.

We try to maintain a permanent stock level of our more popular items such as some of the more popular padded armours, some small items of maille armour and plate armour as well as one or two helmets of each type listed. We also aim to stock all of our listed drinking horns, leather journals, walking canes and accessories although we can't always promise to do this due to to availability from from supplier. If an item is in stock you will be able to purchase it straight away. Otherwise please send us an inquiry about any product that we list here but don't have in stock. All of the items here are handcrafted but we can usually get any particular product delivered to you within 3 months.

All of our prices are in New Zealand Dollars and are GST inclusive. Within our prices we also try to include delivery anywhere in New Zealand but there may be some instances of where we will have to charge a bit extra for delivery and we will advise you of this.

Direct Purchase

We don't have a retail shop as our business is on-line. We can offer local (Wellington Region) customers the option to come to Upper Hutt and buy what they want direct and we will offer a discount as we are not having to deal with postage costs. The best time to call in is on Saturdays from 10 am to 12 pm at our martial arts school. Please advise us beforehand on the specific products that you are interested in so we can make sure we have them available for you as we will need to collect the products from our warehouse. This is for genuine buyers only - e.g. no tyre kickers!