Drinking Horn FAQs

Here is a list of Questions we frequently get about our drinking Horns and Tankards

1 . Are they real? They look like plastic?

They are made from real cow horns sourced from Indian cattle.

2. Can I buy the horn or tankard in the photo?

Unfortunately not. The photo is indicative of the horns in that range. No two horns or tankarks are exactly the same. Each is unique and no two are exactly the same. Your one is a unique product.

3. What liquids can I use in my horn or tankard?

Horns and Tankards will take most beverages except for very hot/boiling liquids.Do not pour these into your horn or tankard as very hot temperatures softens horn and may degrade your horn or tankard and shorten its life.

Our other norn products - bowls, spoons, etc. all started as plain cow horns and have been shaped into these products by heat,   

4. Is there any animal cruelty involved?

The horns obtained from humanely sluaghtered domestic cattle from the meat industry and are removed once the animal is dead. This is a sustainable product and no animal cruelty is involved. 

5. Why are they not "perfect"?

Each horn will have minor imperfections like scratches which can't be entirely removed during the sanding processm and other damage that occured during the life of the animal concerned. These imperfections do not hinder the function of the product and make each product unique.    

6. I've heard that drinking horns smell bad.

A horn that has not been "cored" property can leave rotting smell. This is why we use one supplier with a proven track record of coring the raw horns propertly. We have never had a horn sent to us in this condition and we have imported and sold many thousands of horns.

The food grade varnish used to seal the insides of our horns and tankards can have a slightly pungent odor, espically when the varnish is new. In most horns and tankards this is unnoticaeable and we check each horn and tankard for this before we send it out. However, the varnish is a food grade varnish and it is non-toxic.

The varnish smell (if present) disappears over time but it can be removed faster by juicing a lemon, pouring rhe raw juice into the horn or tankard and adding water until it is full. Leave overnight and this will remove any noticeable odor.   

7. How do I clean the horns?

Do not wash in a dishwasher. Instead rinse the horn or tankard with warm soapy water. A soft bottle brush can he used to clean deep inside the horn.

8 How long can I expect my horn or tankard to last? 

If you look after your horn or tankard and don't expose it to great heat, cold or impact, it will last you for many years. The original horns that we brought from Lord of Battles for our own personal in 2003 are still going strong.

Sometimes the varnish will wear off with time and use. Especially with tankards where the wooden base is glued to the horn. It is easy to revarnish the interior of the horn or tankard with any commercially available food grade varnish. We can also revarnish your horn or tankard for you using a special varnish for a small fee.Contact Callum for further details.  

9. Are they safe to drink from?

The horns have been thoroughly cleaned and coated internally with a food grade varnish (the type used in wooden salad bowls) and are perfectly safe to drink from. They are also inspected by Ministry for Primary Industries staff when they arrive in New Zealand.

10. Can you engrave my horn or tankard for me?

We cannot do personal or custom engravings sorry. What we recommend is that you take your horn or tankard down to your local engraver and get them to do it for you. Many customers have done this successfully. Care needs to be taken as horn is a soft material and can be cut through easily. We do not take responsibility if this happens. If we know that you want to have it engraved we will send you a horn or tankard with a thicker horn wall. 

11. Do you sell "vegan" horns

No we don't sorry. If you want a "vegan" horn there are plastic ones available from other providers. But we only sell nautral, sustainable products.