Our Suppliers

We have access to a number of suppliers who between them can provide you with a huge range of products for whatever your need is. 

Our lead supplier is Lord of Battles

Through them we also have access to a number of other providers - Medieworld, Mythrojan and House of Warfare.

We are the exclusive New Zealand distributor for these 4 companies.

We place a large order with Lord of Battles several times a year which are shipped to us via sea shipping. Because of this it can take several months to receive these shipments.

If you need something more quickly, we place smaller orders with Medieworld typically every month for any urgently needed Lord of Battles products, as well as Mythrojan and House of Warfare products. These are shipped by air freight and we can have them ready to ship to you 10 - 14 days after we place an order.

Note that we cannot guaratee to provide you with a specific product because none of our suppliers have all of their stock available all of the time because of their production schedules.