An important but often neglected aspect of one's overall kit is correct period footwear.

When I first got serious about re-enactment the first really authentic piece of kit I brought was a pair of turnshoe style knee high medieval riding boots. They were expensive for the time and hard to obtain as they were made authentically by an English shoemaker before the days of email or the internet. However, since then they have been the most economical item of kit I've ever brought because I still use them and they have only been repaired once in two decades of use both on horse and foot. That was to fit new soles as the original pair had worn through with use.

Nowadays you can obtain almost any style of as sturdy period shoe you want quicker and cheaper - either made in the correct method of the time or in a cheaper modern method which still looks 100% authentic except on close examination.

Our new Lord of Battles shoes and boots are part hand and part machine made. This enables our supplier to offer quality footwear at a reasonable cost. All designs have all been researched and are based either on contemporary examples or pictures. Only quality leather is used in both the uppers and soles of the footwear.

These shoes have been copied and sold by multiple suppliers for at least a decade. So they are a well proven range of footwear. In the past the quality and price has made it difficult for me to source them from other suppliers. I have seen several versions of the various boots and shoes over the years and the Lord of Battles ones are very well made and very well priced.