Handmade Leather and Parchment Journals

We provide a wide range of handmade books and journals in a wide range of different shapes and sizes. The goat skin covers can be supplied in a plain undyed finish (so you can personalise it with your own coat-of-arms for example) through to elaborately dyed and patterned with stone decorations. The plain heavy re-cycled parchment pages allow you to use our Lord of Battles hand made books for any purpose imaginable. 

You can use them for autographs, dream diary, sketching, poetry, songs, musings, recipes, recording sword fighting techniques, diary entries, photographs, etc.

They are all handmade from 100% recycled materials. Because of this they may differ slightly from the photographs. 

These are very popular. They make ideal low cost gifts. In an age of digitial media they hark back to a simpler time where one could capture ones thoughts with pen and paper. Paradoxically, they are more secure and private for storing your personal thoughts than your on-line equivalent!

Journal Video

*** Note that we cannot provide custom made or personalised journals ***