Walking Sticks

The Walking Stick (also known as the Walking Cane) is both a functional mobility tool and a fashion accessory. Our canes are unique as they are individually handcrafted and we have a wide range of types ranging from classical to a bit unique. Because they are hand crafted, each cane is different and may vary slightly from the photograph in the listing.  

Our Walking Sticks are made from either Sheesham or Eucalyptus. Sheesham is a common, non-threatened timber so it is a sustainable resource. Sheesham is among the finest cabinet and veneer timbers. It is the wood from which musical instruments, agricultural tools, carvings, boats, skis, flooring, etc are made so makes an ideal strong timber to use for Walking Sticks. Eucalyptus which is also a sustainable timber and the species used for for canes that has simiilar properties to Sheesham.

The Walking Sticks come in a size that comfortably fits a taller person. This allows for the end of the stick to be carefully trimmed by the buyer to suit them if required.The shafts have either plain or carved finishes. The head of each of our canes are unique and range from the traditional style of handle to a bulbous end that fits nicely in the hand.

Our Walking Sticks are a great gift to an elderly relative or anybody who has mobility issues. But they go beyond that. They are also a great fashion accessory and also make a great accessory for people interested in the Steampunk and other genres.