LARP and Cosplay

Lord of Battles is a major supplier of Live Action Role Playing and Cosplay costume and gear internationally and we are proud to be offering their products to the NZ LARP and Cosplay Communities. 

Many of the items listed elsewhere on our site are also suitable for LARP and Cosplay.

However, we can also provide aluminium Maille (or "chainmail) garments that are lighter and cheaper than their iron counterparts. All of our Helmets and Plate Armour items can be made lighter in 1.0mm or 1.2mm steel instead of the thicker 1.6mm or 2.0mm mild steel that we recommend for re-enactment.

The Composite armours are ideal for LARP as they are already light and look good regardless if your character is modelled on a historical warrior or a fantasy inspired one.

Our range of Drinking Horns, Handmade Journals and Accessories is also ideal for props, quest items and to flesh out your character's outfit.

We have listed a few of our products below which we think are ideally suitable for LARP and Cosplay.

(Photo is from a LARP event that we attended as mounted evil bad guys in Carteron!)