Accessories and Do-It-Yourself

In order to flesh out your Living History Camp Site, Re-enactment Kit, LARP Character, Film or Theatre Set or want some unique low-cost items for gifts, we can offer a huge range of accessories ranging from simple personal items through to campsite equipment. The range we can offer is too big to place on this website but in summary can be broken down into the following range of products:

Armour Accessories and DIY

Most re-enactors like to have a go at making some of their own kit but even you don't, having a few handy bits and pieces around to make urgent repairs to battle damaged kit ot just to personalise our 'off-the-shelf' kit can be really handy. In this section you will find a wide range of items - to help with simple repairs to maille garments through to building a set of lamillar armour almost from scratch.

Belts and Buckles

Leather belts, leather straps and buckles are important for securing items together as well as being a fashion accessoy. The fancier a belt and buckle the wealthier you were. While we hold only a small range in stock, we can provide a wide range of belt and belt accessories.

Camp Site Kit

Hand forged iron nails and personal grooming tools, cooking pots and pans, handing hooks, lanterns, hanging cooking grills and standing tripod, cutlery sets, etc.


Aiglets (conical metal tips to attach to the ends of cord for arming points), brass pins, hand forged iron and brass brooches and buckles from ancient to late meideval times, Roman/Dark Ages brass torcs, etc.


Because our items are not custom made, we provide the materials to either costumise a piece of kit you may have brought from us or even build your own item from scratch. Many re-enactors like to make their own belts, armour and other items and we can provide most of the raw material for this. 


Hand forged and flint arrow heads, brass arrow nocks, horn longbow nocks, hand forged medieval style locks, etc. If something is not listed on this page contact us because we only display a small fraction of the items that Lord of Battles can us provide us with.