How to Order

New Zealand Customers

All prices listed here are in New Zealand Dollars and include GST and in most cases includes shipping unless the item is bulky in which case it will incur an additional shipping or delivery surcharge.

If we have items in stock they are available for immediate purchase and you can order and pay for them them directly via Bank Deposit, Credit Card or PayPal through this website. I will try to send your order to you as quickly as possible and that usually means one to two days after it is received and paid for unless your order is received on holidays or weekends. We now use NZ Couriers exclusively (due to unreliable service from NZ Post) for all domestic shipping. We aim to get your order collected in 2 to 3 working days after payment comfirmation and delivery is usually overnight once the courier cooelcts your order.

International Customers

Our business was set up for the New Zealand based customer but we do have a growing international clientele and we are happy to ship to you. However there will be extra delivery charges as our costs are all based on shipping within New Zealand. So we recommend that you first try find a supplier in your own country and if they don't have a similar item to the one you want then order from us. 

We generally use DHL to ship all of our international orders. 

If you would like to order larger items from us please contact me and I will be able to quote the additional shipping charges for you.  

We can ship anywhere in the world. 

All Customers

If you wish to order an item that is not listed as being in stock then please send an inquiry via the Enquire option for that product or on the  Contact Us page on this website. We usually place orders every 2 to 3 months with Lord of Battles and we can obtain most items within a month ot two of ordering them if our supplier has it on their stock lists.

If an item is not on the stock list then it will have to be made and this can take up to 90 days to arrive here after you pay for and order it so please take this into account when you plan your order.

Each item is handcrafted to order so as a rule we offer no refund should you decide to cancel your order after we have placed it with Lord of Battles unless it is a standard item from this website. We may refund up to 50% of the price of a standard item if we feel we can onsell it easily to another customer.

We also purchase our items and pay freight from our supplier in US Dollars. Therefore we are at the mercy of currency fluctations and because we operate with small margins we may have to adjust our pricing especially when and if the NZ dollar falls significantly against the US dollar.  

Payment Options

You can pay for your order using direct bank deposit, credit card or PayPal.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer payment through installment payments through providers like "Lay Buy" aad  "After Pay" because they do not support the sales of some our products (swords, axes and other weapons). However, if you want to pay by installments, contact us and we will arrange an installment payment plan for you. We will hold a product for you until it is fully paid for and then send it to you. If you decide not to proceed with an installment payment plan partway through the plan, we will retain 50% of all the payments received and refund the other 50%.