Padded Armour and Arming Clothes

Protection of the warrior in the battle was achieved by combining different items of armour. Each of them performed its own function as well as complementing the others. Some armour protected the wearer from direct penetration of the enemy's weapons. Others served to absorb the impact or for additional reinforcement. Padded armour was worn either by itself or as a foundation for other forms of armour to be worn over. It is great for absorbing impact from blows. It is also the starting point to build a complete suit of armour on.

Our Gambesons are also suitable for martial arts practitioners who want a sturdy but functional padded garment for drilling and light sparring with wooden weapons such as bokken, jo and bo. We also have a martial arts gambeson which is quite generic that we recommend as a 'sports gambeson'  for this activity. 

Gambeson Video