Swords and Other Weapons


While we originally started the Red Knight it was our intention not to sell weapons as obtaining battle re-enactment quality weapons was difficult and those that were available were provided by other suppliers.

However, obtaining good quality weapons has become more difficult and Lord of Battles has expanded into this area in recent years so we have started selling a small range of weapons that we have been using ourselves in training and are happy to recommend.

Many of our weapons are blunted for combat re-enactment while others can be sharpened for use around a campsite.

At the moment we only stock a very small range of weapons but as we bring them in and evaluate them, this range will be expanded during 2019.

We reserve the right to not sell any of our weapons if we feel that they run the risk of being misused. If you are not known to us personally, some weapons will require proof of membership of a re-enactment club or martial arts school.