Helmets were the most important item of kit for warriors and are still the most important items of kit for the modern enthusiast as well. We offer a wide range of historical helmets. 

Most of the helmets are made from either 1.6mm or 2.0mm mild steel. 1.6mm is considered to be the minimum thickness for metal weapons combat and is still the standard for non-head blow or controlled head blow combat. It is also the minimum thickness that we use for jousting. We still think 1.6mm is safe for these applications but in recent years we have seen an increase in heavier style battle reenactment activities such as solid lance jousting and full head blow style combat. So more and more helmets are also being made from 2.0mm as well.

Not that for people doing "Battle of the Nations" style combat, thicker steel is required so we would not recommend any of our helmets for this style of combat. 

We can also provide most of our helmets in thinner 1.2mm or 1.0 mm steel, We do not recommend either for martial arts training or battle re-enactment but they are ideal for collectors, LARPers and theatrical use. Because most of the manufacutring costs are for labour, these thinner helmets are the same price as our standard 1.6mm or 2.0mm ones but the advantage is that they are often up to 1 kg lighter.  

"My kettlehat from The Red Knight took some heavy blows in the headblow fights & they just scratched it lol. I'm very happy with it."

All of our helmets come with a leather suspension style liner.

We can also provide a wooden stand to display your helmet.