1 kg Packet of Solid Maille Links (No Gap)

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We offer loose maille links in packets of 1 kg. These links are solid links with no openings. They are used for alternating/solid maille which results in a stronger garment and a slightly quicker construction time.

Having some loose maille links of the type that your garments are made of allows you to rapair any damage from use as well as tailoring our standard maille garments to suit you better or to personalise them.

We can obtain other types of loose links and rivets,e.g:

  • Flat Iron Ring Round Riveted 9mm/18g
  • Flat Aluminum Ring Round Riveted 10mm
  • Flat Brass Ring Wedge Riveted 9mm/18g
  • Flat Brass Ring Round Riveted 9mm/18g
  • Solid Flat Iron Ring 9mm/18g

You will also need either a round or wedge rivet tool. We can provide them. 

As an approximate guide the average weights of standard  "L" sized maille garments are:

  • Coif - 3 kg
  • Aventail - 2 kg
  • Mantle - 2 kg
  • Standard/Collar - 1 kg
  • Voiders - 4 kg
  • Haubergeon (to elbows) -  9 kg
  • Haubergeon (full sleeves) - 10 kg
  • Hauberk - 12 kg
  • Arms only - 4 kg
  • Skirt - 3 kg
  • Chausses -  6 kg

Prices include GST and tracked postage within New Zealand.

Limited Stock
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