Viking Elder Futhark Rune Set with Bone Tiles


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Runes are typically used as an oracle or divination tool to obtain information from the higher self. Like tarot cards, there are countless ways to use runes -- from simple and detailed spreads to asking a question and pulling a rune to find the answer. This rune set uses the Elder Futhark alphabet which has 24 runes and an extra blank one. 

The original runemaster, the god Odin, received knowledge of the runes, and so passed from ignorance into wisdom. The blank rune—the absence of runes—invites the student to reflect on the experience of not-knowing. It is also known as Odin’s rune in honor of the All-Father and the patron of runic lore.

The Rune set consisting of 25 bone tiles from domestic cattle, 24 of which have been handcrafted with engraved, black-painted runes. The 25th tile is blank.

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