Axe 8 - Medieval Battle Axe with Back Spike


The axe has been used throughout history as a tool. Because of its versitility, it was also used as weapon. Almost every household had and axe and in times of war or in an emergeny it used be used to deadly effect by almost anybody - trained or not.

While most axes can be used as either a tool or as a weapon, this axe is made for one thing and that is for battle. The crescent shape allows the blow to be focused over a small area allowing for deep cuts. The back spike was added from the 14th century to punch through the mail and plate armour of the time.  

The head is hand forged in EN45 spring steel

The edge is semi-sharp - it can be filed down for re-enactment combat or sharpened to demonstrate cutting power. The points may need to be rounded off depending on the rules of whatever combat style you are engaging in.  

Overall Length : 57 cm
Approx Weight : 750 gm

Price includes GST and tracked parcel post within New Zealand.