Flail 1 - Medieval Flail with Single Ball

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Our Lord of Battles flail is not suited for any form of combat re-enactment. It is a deadly weapon for the collector or for demonstrating the destructive power of medieval weapons on inanimate objects such as water melons at displays and suchlike. I use one of these in medieval displays from horseback and I can vouch for its destructive power. 

Because of the lethaity of this weapon I will not sell it to just anybody. Please inquire first if you are interested in purchasing it. 

The "flail" with a steel ball on a length of chain attached to a handle that despite its popular use in modern medieval and fantasy films was probably never used in actual combat but was rather a ceremonial weapon. While it looks really good and could cause considerable damage in combat, it was difficult to handle and hard to control.

Despite this, the original idea was to take a basic agricultural tool and turn it into a weapon to defeat plate armour. the heavy steel ball in theory could cause severe concussive injuries withuot having to penetrate armour but the physics does not make it as effective as an axe or a warhammer for achieving this. 

However that it not to say that it was never used in combat. If it was used it was rare. The late medieval manuscript opposite is one of the few occassions when it is seen in medieval art. However it is now associated in the public imagine as one of the weapons used in medieval combat.   

Product Specifications:

Overall Length : 38"
Handle Length : 24"
Approx Weight : 820 gm

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Limited Stock