Plate armour is made from pieces of iron or steel plate.

While there are some early predecessors such as the Roman 'Lorica Segmentata' or Greek 'cuirass', full metal pate armour that covered the entire body did not start to appear until the late medieval period although small individual pieces of plate armour appeared in the 12th and 13th centuries - initally to cover the knee and elbow joints but as metal working and armouring developed more and more pieces of plate armour started to appear so by the late 14th and early 15th centuries full metal plate armour began to appear and over the next couple of centuries added refinements made plate armour lighter and more effective.

Lord of Battles makes a range of plate armour items in mild steel from across the broad medieval period. 

All of our armour is in 16 gauge (1.6mm) - which is suitable for jousting and re-eactment combat use where protection is a priority such as for the body, shoulders, upper arms and upper legs. It is also suitable for light contact use (e.g. LARP).

Sometimes we can obtain thinner gauges 18 or 20 gauge (1.2mm or 1.0mm steel) - which is slightly lighter than our standard 16 gauge but we do not hold these thinner gauges in stock so if you want items in thinner gauges then minimum order quantities (8 per item) are required for us to arrange manufacture.

Our plate armour is not tailor made for the individual unlike custom made plate armour that you can obtain from professional armourers. Rather our armour is more high end "munitions grade" armour which most soldiers would have used.

Our plate armour for limbs and hands is made in one size which will most most people with not much more than minor adjustments.

While this armour is not tailored for the inidividual, it is much cheaper than custom made armour and it will still its job in helping to keep you safe and look good. At a later date, once you decide exactly what type of armour you want, you can get a custom one made while still retaining a 'munitions grade' armour which you can use for training and other activities that expose it to wear and tear instead of your custom armour.   

We do not keep much plate armour in stock and because our manufacturer requires a minimum order quantity of each individual item, we buy surplus items from their stock lists. Depending on what items are in stock, it may take us several months to obtain an item that you want. So if you are interested an any of our plate items please contact us so we can order it for you as soon as it becomes available.